jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Top 3 Programming Languages for Mobile Development

If you’re a programmer working on a mobile development project, one of the first and most crucial decisions you will need to make is which programming language you will use for your application. Knowing which languages are suitable for which application functionalities can make the difference between a successful mobile app and a spectacular flop.

HTML5 for mobile development

HTML5 is a programming language that has all but become the standard for web-fronted mobile applications. The only problem with HTML5 from a mobile development standpoint is that currently different browsers support it in different ways, which means there may be slight changes in the language and the way that browsers handle HTML5 in the coming months. The learning curve for HTML5 is not as steep as for other languages, since it builds on the current version of HTML.

Java for mobile development

Java is a flexible, versatile and widely used programming language in mobile development that is particularly useful for writing Android applications. It is an object-oriented, compiled language that can be run either in a browser or a virtual machine.

C++ for mobile development

C++ is an incredibly versatile and powerful object-oriented programming language. It has been used to build mobile applications for practically every purpose on practically every platform, but is especially used for Android and Windows applications. This language is widely known, thanks in part to the fact that it predates the smartphone itself. 

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