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Top 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Python Developer

Hiring a programmer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your burgeoning software development project. Finding the right Python developer will make sure you get exactly what you want, in the timeframe you need, with as little stress as possible. Here are our top 3 tips to hire the Python developer that’s right for you.

Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure

Top 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Python Developer

Most people’s first instinct is to mentally scroll through their list of friends and acquaintances for someone who is familiar with Python software development. This is not recommended, for two reasons: one, this project is your baby, and you want a professional working on it, and two, even if your friend is a professional, entering into a business relationship will put a lot of strain on your friendship. You don’t want to lose a friend over your Python project. Publish a job post on a few freelance websites and see who comes your way. Speaking of job posts…

Be Specific

Good Python developers will respond to job postings written by someone with a clear vision. Inexperienced programmers eager to get work anywhere they can will respond to any post, no matter how vague. Make sure you include that you are looking specifically for a Python developer, and include some of the basic functionalities that you want your software to have. This is the best way to hire a Python developer who has experience working on similar projects.

Have a Clear Timeframe

These types of projects often don’t go exactly according to plan, but you need to establish a clear timeframe so that the Python developer you hire knows that you expect of him or her. Different programmers have different styles, from quick and dirty to meticulous and perfect. Include your timeframe in your job posting so that you attract Python developers whose work style fits the needs of your project.

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